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Wishbone Chair Birthday Special


On Tuesday, April 2, 2014, Hans J. Wegner would have celebrated his 100th birthday. To (literally) mark the occasion, Carl Hansen & Son is celebrating Hans J. Wegner’s 100th birthday: when you order any Wegner Wishbone Chair from Danish Design Store, your chair will feature his signature and birth date on its underside.

Carl Hansen & Son laser-cut the engraving into the wood’s surface, reproducing the signature with a high degree of detail in keeping with Wegner’s high standards of craftsmanship.

This opportunity happens one day only: on April 2, 2014, so mark your calendar and come back to Danish Design Store to own a piece of history!

Cleaning the Wishbone Chair Paper Cord Seat

How to clean paper cord seat of Wishbone Chair

We get loads of people asking about how to clean the paper cord seat of a Wishbone Chair. Hans J. Wegner chose to use paper cord because it is incredibly durable and has a wonderful natural look and feel.

But Wegner must not have planned on spilling any red wine or salad dressing … because unfortunately, they can easily stain the beautiful material. And even though Carl Hansen & Son treats the paper cord with a light wax to make it more resistant to discoloration and grease, stains can occur.

We wish there was a magic sauce or infomercial-ready soap to clean your Wishbone Chair, but we’re sad to say, there isn’t.

Carl Hansen & Son says to never use harsh soaps or cleaning liquids on the paper cord seat as they can damage the material. They contend that your best option is to act quickly: immediately after spilling, use a damp cloth to wipe off the stain as best you can.

Baltimore-based Modern Chair Restoration goes further:

I recommend trying plain soap flakes in water. This is how the Danes take care of their paper cord seats … You can use [Soap Flake] brand or you can make your own by grating Ivory bar soap and dissolving it in water (2 tbsp per quart). It may take several treatments to lift heavier dirt. It’s also a good way to protect the paper cord from dirt and stains that may occur later.

Thanks to MCR for that great tip.

All this said, paper cord is notoriously stubborn when it comes to wine and oil. And for stains that are truly set-in, we’re afraid you might be SOL.

Maybe you can call it the Wishbone patina?

How to Clean Wishbone Paper Cord with Soap Flakes**


  • 2 tbsp (28g) soap flakes – Carl Hansen & Son brand recommended, but Soap Flake or grated Ivory / mild white bar soap OK
  • 1 quart (940ml) boiled water


  • Pour boiling water over soap flakes, using a whisk to make sure all flakes are completely dissolved
  • Allow mixture to cool slightly
  • While water is warm, use a soft cloth to gently wipe the paper cord as best you can, making sure you do not get the seat too wet
  • Wipe the entire surface of the seat, but again, do not drench the material with soap mixture – less is more
  • Allow to dry and then repeat, if necessary
  • You can store the soap mixture in an airtight container for up to a month

From Carl Hansen & Son

Have you had any luck cleaning your paper cord seat? Let us know below! We’d love to share your tips and suggestions.


** Requisite legalese: Follow at your own risk – We cannot be held liable for any damage to your Wishbone Chair (but let us know how it goes!)

Wishbone Chair Video: Up Close

This is a fantastic short from Carl Hansen & Son that puts the Wishbone Chair’s beauty on display.

Black Oak Wishbone Chair: Price Drop

Wishbone Chair: Price reductionFor 2013, Carl Hansen & Son has reduced the price of the Black Oak Wishbone Chair from $849 to $599! This applies to the oak version only. (Black Beech: $855 / Black Ash: $990)

Difference between the painted black oak and the painted beech:

  • Oak has clearly visible wood structures / grain under the paint
  • Beech has minimal structure under the paint

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Wishbone Chair Seat Cover Now Available

Wishbone Chair Leather Seat Cushion

The Wishbone Chair Leather Seat Cover is now available from Danish Design Store. Carl Hansen and Son made this full-grain leather seat cover specifically for the Wishbone Chair, so you know it’ll look and feel perfect. It’s a great way to protect your investment.

The Wishbone Seat Cushion is available in seven colors of loke leather and costs $125.00.


Wishbone Citrus Series

As we mentioned with the Energy Series, in 2009, Carl Hansen & Son celebrated the Wishbone Chair’s 60th anniversary with myriad colors. The CH24 Citrus Series follows along with the bold and beautiful theme.

As you might expect, the Citrus Series features colors in a green pantone: citrus, sea green, green, and citrus grey.

Makes us want to take a seat and drink a lime-ade or something.

Wegner CH24 Citrus Series

Citrus around the table with an Oculus in the backgrounda

Green = great

Citrus chairs


Wishbone Chair – Energy Series

A few years ago, Carl Hansen & Son celebrated the Wishbone Chair’s 60th anniversary with a palette of new colors. Still available and in production, the Energy Series Wishbone Chair feature soothing lavender, lilac and aubergine lacquered wood and a white papercord seat.

But it’s not just deep purple colors—the Energy Series also has an all-white Wishbone Chair available.

Wishbone Energy Series

Energy Series

Aubergine Energy Series

Purple Energy Series

Lilac Energy Series

Creme Energy Series

Wishbone Chair iPad Wallpaper Images

If you have an iPad and love the Wegner Wishbone Chair, download these ready-to-go Wishbone Chair iPad Wallpapers. These images are cropped to fit on the new iPad.

Download all 8 – Zip file:

Download the individual files by right clicking the link above the image and saving to your computer, then moving to your iPad

Download (2.5MB)

Download (2MB)

Download (1.7MB)

Download (2.3MB)

Download (3MB)

Download (1.6MB)

Download (2.5MB)

Download (3.6MB)

Wegner Wishbone with Black Seat

Many people don’t know that the Wegner Wishbone Chair is also available with a black seat. The black seat Wishbone Chair is a beautiful representation of Hans J. Wegner’s masterpiece.

Wishbone Chair Pinterest Page

If you’re craving some Wishbone Chair inspiration, check out our new Pinterest Wegner Wishbone Chair page! We’ll keep posting as we find em … or suggest pins to us by using @danishdesign1.