Wishbone Chair on Feathered Nest

Wegner Wishbone Chair - Blue Series
Wegner Wishbone Chair - Blue Series

Last week we came across a great post about the Wegner Wishbone Chair over on the Feathered Nest Blog. Author Melanie talks in particular about Carl Hansen & Son’s 60th Anniversary Series of the Wishbone Chair:

She says:

There are fans of Wegner that found the release of the shiny colors in bad taste, essentially ruining a timeless design. However, I think it just gives the chair a fun modern twist still clinging to its beautiful shape and structure. What do you think?

Well, we think she’s spot-on. As Melanie mentions, the white seats really pop, and the progressive colors add some pizazz to this all-time classic.

Read her entire post to view some great images of Wegner Wishbone Chairs.

For example:

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