Wishbone Chair: Why the High Price?

Many people ask us, “Why does the Wishbone Chair cost so much?” Besides being an icon from one of the 20th centuries preeminent designers, the Wishbone Chair is painstakingly manufactured by hand in Denmark. As Helena points out on the blog Design Wotcha! and her post Real vs Deal: Make a Wish:

Why the high price tag? More than 100 production steps are carried out by hand in Denmark. Each chair’s wooden components are individually selected to ensure uniformity of grain and color, and the seat is hand woven from 120 metres of paper cord that can last up to 50 years.

Now that seems entirely appropriate for a chair whose style has lasted over 500 years.

It’s a quick read that eloquently explains the roots of the Wishbone. Check out the full article: Real vs Deal: Make a Wish.

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