Wishbone Chair and Knud Erik Hansen

We just came across a great piece on Todayonline.com that features an interview with Carl Hansen & Son managing director Knud Erik Hansen, who is the grandson of founder Carl Hansen. He was in Singapore recently attending the opening of a new showroom.

Speaking about Hans Wegner’s work, in particular the Wishbone Chair, Knud Erik Hansen said:

When you talk about art, you can’t talk about fashion. It’s not the same. You love Leonardo DaVinci still. The same goes for the furniture. This is now more than 60 years old and it has never been more popular.

Hansen goes on to explain the environmental sustainability of making Carl Hansen furniture:

The king passed a law in 1807: When you cut down a tree, you have to plant a new one,” Hansen explained. “Our forest area is actually expanding – we are planting more trees than we cut down. If you look at the oak, it takes between 160 and 200 years to grow up. It is an extremely fine material that we have to respect.

The article’s author, May Seah, does a wonderful job summing up what makes the Wishbone Chair so special:

Designed by Wegner in 1949, its production is a very complicated process. The oak is first cut into planks, air-dried for nearly 12 months, and then kiln-dried for another few months. The curved back is made by steam-bending the wood. “Like the Vikings when they made their ships,” Hansen explained. As for the rest of the chair, everything from the sanding to the surfacing to the paper cord seat is handmade, too.

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