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  1. Please tell me where I can get my wishbone chairs re-woven. I am currently in the Los Angeles area and will be moving to NYC.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Kirsten,

      Thank you for your inquiry. For the moment, we suggest that you contact Carl Hansen & Son directly as they will be able to recommend options for you.

      In the meantime, we’ll work on compiling a list of places Carl Hansen & Son recommends to repair Wegner Wishbone Chairs.


    2. Hi

      I am currently designing a dining chair for a university design and make project. I would like to use paper cord for the seat and wanted to know of any good suppliers. Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Hey Zoka,
      We’re working on an article that might be able to help you. So check back soon! Thanks for your post.

      – Justin
      Danish Design Store

    1. Jardin Wicker recently rewove my Wegner CH25, I’m very pleased with the results. They’re in the Albany/Berkeley area.

      1. Thanks Allan! It’s a question we’re constantly getting, and it’s hard to figure out with out calling every furniture repair shop in the country.

  2. Love my new wishbone chairs! had friends for dinner and some greasy food did drop onto the paper cord seat of one. Very small spot, not too bad, but made me wonder if stains are cleanable, and what could be used. I put some baking soda on the spot (just dry) to see if it would absorb the oil, but didn’t make much difference. Any advice for this or the future? Thanks.

  3. I have 22 wishbone chairs purchased in 1956. They appear to be oak with a light finish. All of the chairs have some staining to the seat cording – some moderate, some severe. One has some broken cording. Five of the chairs have broken arm support extensions and we have the broken pieces. I was hoping that you could give me some idea of the value of the undamaged chairs, and whether the broken chairs might be valuable to someone for repair parts. Thanks.

  4. One of my wishbone chairs (purchased at the Hansen showroom in 1961) has become loosened. Where can I get it tightened up? I’m in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area. One of the others has one broken cord, so it may have to be rewoven soon. I can say however, that these chairs (we have 6) have had almost continual use since 1961 and have held up beautifully!

    1. HI, I have 3 damaged CH24 (Wishbone) chairs from the 1960’s. Besides needing to have the paper cord replaced, the Y shaped back stay of each is broken and needs replacing.

      Please could you advise me whether it’s possible to have this work done in the New York City area and an idea of the estimated cost.


      Max Kim-Bee

  5. I have 6 wishbone chairs purchased in 1970. Some of the stickers have come off. Is there anyway to replace them. Do you think a cabinet shop could paint them and not harm the seats?

  6. Hi, I have recently bought a wishbone chair that i believe to be vintage. it has a wooden seat rather than paper cord. I was wonering wheather you know arything about this model?
    many thanks

  7. Hi, I want to buy 8 wishbone chairs to go with my walnut Essay Table (Cecilie Manz for Fritz Hansen). I prefer a natural wood finish vs. a colour but there are so many beautiful woods and finishes to choose from that I’d appreciate any help/suggestions you have. Thanks much!

    P.S. I don’t want a matchy matchy look so have been looking more at the other available wood options vs. walnut.

  8. Hello,

    I purchased 4 wishbone chairs in 2006 with a teak stain finish (oak I think). I would like to get a couple more to match, but I don’t seem to be able to find that finish option. Is it still available?


  9. Hi,
    I am trying to determine age/production date of my set of 8 Wishbone chairs. All have natural finish and have the “old” style Carl Hansen and Son branded label. There are also pencil/carved number markings as well as “EH” and “CH initals.

    1. Kathleen, would love to know if this answer was ever answered. In SD and also looking for a re-weaver. Thanks!

  10. Have the dimensions of the Wishbone chair changed over the years? I have a set of vintage Wishbone chairs (with the old style branded label) and they seem to be about 1/2″ lower than the specified dimensions. When viewed from the side, the angle of the seat back seems to be different than images I see of the newer chairs.

  11. I am considering purchasing a set of Wishbone chairs from a vintage furniture dealer. They are from an estate sale and have the branded label but the top rail does not slope the way it seems to in all of the more recent pictures I’ve seen of the chair. Is it likely that these are fake, or was there a time early on when the chair was designed so that the top rail did not slope downward along the armrests but rather stayed level with the back of the chair?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying to this! Our systems were having issues.

      If it’s not too late … So the top rail goes straight across? And they call it a Wishbone? It’s more likely they are fake or a different chair entirely. Have you read our article about spotting fake wishbone chairs?

      The Wegner Bull Chair sounds similar to what you’re saying:

      I’ll ask around though. Thanks for posting.

  12. Hi,
    I have a 4 new oiled oak wishbone chairs, I also have an 18 month old daughter, hence I have a few stains on the paper cord, the latest and worst is some black grease from my bike over the seat and was wondering the best way to remove it?
    Its not a huge area, around 150mm x 150mm, also 2 other chairs have food/liquid stains, it would be great if you could help me out with them as well.
    Many thanks

  13. I have 4 hans wegner wishbone chairs made prior to 1998 that are in mint condition. How can I find out their value?

  14. Hi, I was wondering how old my Wegner Wishbone is, I hope you can help!
    I presume the only way to date it is by the styling of the name on the seat.
    The’makers mark’ is an indented/embossed stamp, perhaps with a heated stamp as it looks ‘burnished’? The full text is MADE IN DENMARK BY CARL HANSEN & SON ODENSE DENMARK.
    There is also a pencil signature of simply CH on the left of the above inscription and to the right, in embossed italics it says 00.
    I think it is Oak, natural finish.
    Hope you can help from this description, I’d love to know how old my lovely chair is.
    Thank you very much.

  15. I have three wishbone chairs in natural papercord. they have water stains that have turned them white. Is there a way to restore or is there a restorer near Portland Maine?

  16. Hej,
    I’ve bought a wishbone chair in the Conran Shop in Paris (soaped oak).
    I would like to know what kind of soap liquid reference to buy, and the whereabouts of any hardware shop which may sell it- if everby chance you would know. Tak!

  17. I have 4 wishbone. Two with burned in mark and 2 with metallic label that looks adhered. 4 need rewaeving and one curved arm needs replacement. I am in San Diego. Any suggestions for rewaeving and arm replacement?

    1. Hey Charles, thanks for your note. We’re contacting Carl Hansen & Son to see if they have recommendations on repair / reweaving.


    2. We just heard back from CHS, and they said:

      We’ve heard good things about this repairman.:

      Charges for each CH24 is $250 per chair which includes pickup and
      delivery in Los Angeles county. Also serves Orange county, Palm
      Springs, and the San Francisco bay area.

      Please let us know what you find out! We’ll create a post about it. Thanks.

  18. Hello,

    I bought a few wishbone chairs 2nd hand. I know they are quite recent for they carry the metal labels with the already mentioned. But there no year of production mentioned on it. And this I would like to know. Could you trace that? They have the following serial nrs.:

    – 125414
    – 125415
    – 131453
    – 131454

    Thank you!


  19. Hi! I heard in a design shop yesterday, that the Wishbone chair comes in two different depths? I’ve never heard of that, and as a huge fan of Wegner, I’ve studied his work for a long time and never seen this. Not even when I bougth my chairs the mentiond this, so was this lady just blabbering?

    1. The old height is about 42,5 cm, the new is about 45 cm. They started with the new hight around the middle of 90-s, the reason is that people are getting taller, exept for the japanese, they can still buy the lower height. Acually, I belive you can order the lower if that is what you want.

  20. Hi, my chairs have a soaped finish. You advise re-application every few months – which kinds of soap are appropriate and where may I purchase them- can you give me instructions for how to apply the finish? Thanks, Jeff.

  21. I’m afraid that my table may be too high for these chairs. Since the seat height is low, what height should the table be?

  22. I purchased 4 oak soaped wishbone chairs from Shannon in Bath about 3 years ago and recently the seats have become squeaky when sitting- it appears the cord has become a bit looser and the cord is rubbing what can we do? I asked Sue Shannon and she hadn’t heard of this problem- they were over £500 each so I’m not very happy- please can you help? Liz Pearson, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

  23. I regrettably had to store my pair of soap finished wishbone chairs in a damp storage area :-/ and they now have mold on the legs. What is the preferred method for removal? Please and thank you.

  24. I regretfully had to store my pair of wishbone chairs in a storage unit and the legs started to mold. What is the best method to get rid of the mold? Please help and thank you.

    ~ Ky

  25. Hi,
    Do you have an AutoCAD 2d plan drawing of the CH24 wishbone chair? I would be very pleased to be able to use it in some of my interior design proposals.
    Thanks, Michael

  26. I have 2 chairs that look like Hans Wegner Papa Bear chairs. Is there some way to find out if they are real?

  27. Did the wishbone chair originally come in teak with a rush seat. Does the embossed stamp always contain the word “BY”?

  28. Does anyone know the kind of glue Carl Hansen uses on their chairs? I have a pair of wishbones that I’m going to reweave and the wood needs to be tightened.

  29. Sorry this is an urgent question … I’m having people over in a few days. Please reply ASAP.

    It seems this asked before but couldn’t find your response … I have 6 soaped oak wishbone chairs. What is the best way including product(s) to clean:

    -the wood portion of chairs (some black scuff marks towards feet of chair + in general if something was spilled on the wood)

    -the woven strands (random liquid stains)

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  30. I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Can anyone direct me to a source where I might be able to get my CH24 Wishbone chair
    repaired. The chairs wobbles when you sit on it. It appears as the joints are loose , needing to be re glued. I’m assuming the chair needs to be taken completely apart , glued, re-assembled with the seat being re-woven.
    If this is the case, is it worth it to go to this expense?
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  31. Hi,

    I have a Wishbone chair that by looking at the pictures on this site seems authentic. It does not have a Carl Hasen & Son label on the bottom it but does have a stamped “5” in the wood and a penciled symbol that looks like an E (but it isn’t) on the place the label would be. Is it an authentic piece?

    Thank you,

    1. Hey John,
      Hm… I’m not sure. We’ll pass on your note to Carl Hansen & Son and I’ll let you know what they say.


      1. Well by the description in the video it would seem it is an original except that the base of the Y-bone is only 8mm not 10mm. Funny they didn’t talk about markings on the bottom which I am very interested in. Let me know what you here from CH & S and thank you very much.


  32. We have been asked to repair a battered wishbone chair for our local university. One of the rungs has been broken off and will have to be replaced entirely. As a result of losing the rung, all the joints are loose. It seems to be held together by the paper cord in the seat. We were wondering whether the joints of the original chair were held together with glue. Would we be destroying the value of the chair by gluing the joints together?

  33. Hi,

    Do you know what years Carl Hansen & Son used their different labels (the early branded mark, vs the sticker and finally the aluminum plate)? I’d like to know if there is a way to more definitively date a vintage piece.


  34. I have a set of 8 dining chairs that are beautifully made, wishbone Y design, but they have upholstered seats. They appear to be older and a bit heavier than usual dining chairs. After reading your post about fakes, I’m thinking these are not Hans Wegner, but I’m curious where they were made or who made them. The framing underneath the seat is also unusual from typical designs. I’d be happy to forward a photo if anyone might have more information for me.

  35. Can you tell me where I can get an original Wishbone chair rewoven in the Fairfax, Northen Virginia or Maryland area?

  36. Is there any way to determine if you have an original Hans Wegner folding chair? Is there a label or engraving in the wood etc… I know this discussion is on the Wishbone Chair but I am interested if you know about the details on a Wegner’s JH-512 chair. Thank you in advance

  37. Hi I have 3 wishbone chairs. One is brand new and 2 are from the 50s. The 2 from the 50s appear to be a lot shorter in stance. Trying to decipher whether one of these are a fake. Was there any change in the dimensions of the chair throughout the years?

  38. HI there
    We saved up to purchase 4 WIshbone chairs, CH24, as we have loved them for years.
    Disappointed by Carl Hansen attitude when we didn’t accept one of the chairs, as it had a mark on the arm of the chair. How it passed quality control , we do not know. The mark was described as a knot in the wood., by the company. It is strange that the three other chairs have beautiful graining but no knots seen. We understand that it is a natural product, but this mark looked more like damage.
    The chair has been exchanged , but disappointed with attitude from a company that prides itself on craftsmanship.

    1. Hello, Christine,
      I’ve read through all the Wishbone chair questions on this site, as I hope to be able to make an educated decision when I purchase the Wishbone chairs for our new home. I, too, wondered about the “knots” in the wood, and was sorry to hear about your disappointment with the Carl Hansen company and quality control. I found this from the Carl Hansen website, which may shed some light on your concern; “When solid wood furniture is correctly maintained and exposed to daylight, over the years the wood will acquire a beautiful patina. As wood is a living natural product, COLOR VARIATIONS AND KNOTS as well as lines in the finished furniture may occur.” Wood is a natural product, and the knots are an inherent part of the composition. Depending on the finish you chose for your Wishbone chairs, the knot that was on the arm of the chair is more or less prominent. A knot is not considered a “fault”, but just part of the wood. I hope this information is helpful to you.

  39. I love my wishbone chairs. I’m wondering if it would be possible to get wishbone stools for my kitchen island?

  40. hello,
    we wish to purchase black on black wishbone chairs. What are the available finishes and which do you recommend?

  41. Does anybody know people who could repair chairs by replacing paper cord of Wishbone chair in Helsinki? Or what kind of paper cord is it, the paper cord thickness?

    Thank You,


  42. Hi, my cat tried to use the cord on the wishbone chair as a scratching post just once & stopped as I screamed at her. Damage isn’t bad but is there any way to glue a bit of the cord so as it doesn’t wear or snap easier seeing as they are brand new? Or will that make it worse. Gah!!! Thanks

  43. Hi, I’m actually looking for advice about the Elbow chair, anyone here able to help me please? I’ve inherited 6 Elbow chairs and I’m trying to figure out if they are originals or not. Are there any key design aspects or colour ways or branding etc that I can search for? They are the ones of dark wood and black vinyl seat pad. Many thanks

  44. You talk about the care routine for oiled or soaped oak chairs, but not lacquered. i am trying to decide which one to get. At the moment the oiled oak is looking favourite. What should I consider?

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