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Wishbone Story Grand Prize Winner

Late last year, Carl Hansen & Son had a competition called “Wishbone Story,” where fans of the Wegner Wishbone Chair told tales of their beloved chair. We had heard about the competition, but must have missed the awards because we just discovered the winning story.

From the Carl Hansen & Son News, here’s the Grand Prize winning story by Else H from Denmark:

We are five old gals now, but we are still going strong and we are admired every day. We were beautiful then, back in 1955, naturally beautiful and young. We were exhibited at a furniture dealer’s together with other lovely furniture, but the five of us were the chosen ones.

A young woman of 27 entered with her husband. They looked at us in admiration, nodded to each other and said, ”Yes, we’ll take those.” They also chose a beautiful Wegner dining table with ’golden’ cross-legs. We entered a home with three wonderful small boys. They were crawling on us and building caves with us so we had a wonderful youth. Later, the family included a girl and a dog, so we were very pleased. But those days are long gone.

Now we are old, but we are still going strong and are still admired. The young woman has become an elderly lady, and her children have grown up and had their own children and grandchildren, who are still allowed to use us. So us old gals are still having a rich and fulfilling life at the old lady’s house. We see our offspring in fashionable, modern colours; they are young and good-looking and up-to-date. They are waiting to be adopted by a lovely family, as we were, where children, young and old people are allowed to frolic and play.

Alas, how did time disappear, we have the memories, but we are glad that we are still strong despite years of wear and tear. We still look good and seem young. So now we are looking forward to our great-grandchildren.

With love from Yrsa, Yvonne and our three sisters.